'American Pride'

Well it’s been two years since I last laid eyes on you
I can’t wait to hold you in my arms I wish my time here was thru
They told us our time here was soon to end
And I would be back in your loving arms once again

I can’t wait as I count down the days
Waking ever morning here to the shelling and the haze
The constant thunder as shell after shell explodes
The rat-a-tat-tat of an M-16 as the guy next to me unloads

I kiss your picture every night before I turn in
And pray to god to take care of you and all our kin
Seems all we do here is recon missions carried out in the night
Some nights are good but most always end in a fire fight

We complete our final recon tonight where we join the rest of our platoon
Take care baby, kiss the kids and I’ll see you all real soon
Love always your husband, as he licked and sealed the envelope
On the back these words he wrote, Sealed with a Kiss and filled with Hope

She patiently waited on the tarmac listening for the C-130s props
As he coasted down the runway and slowly pulled up to a stop
Waiting intently her heart began to race
Looking at every solider searching for his face

She could hear the whine of the cargo doors beginning to unfold
As the two men approached her she knew without being told
Her heart sank as she fell to her knees as the rolled the casket out
Draped in an American flag she knew as she began to scream and shout

He had truly came home forever never again to leave her side
She clutched his letter in her hand every night as she cried
As they laid his body to rest a part of her died inside
She told her children of how he fought for there freedom and of his American Pride

by Poison 9901

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Frequently told story but still makes an impact. I wonder though was it really necessary.Wars never seem to solve problems just incur more problems. WE the Uk and the states were wrong to invade Iraq our intelligence was faulty there were no weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein was an Iraqui problem which should have been solved by the Iraquis. Our presnce in Iraq is still not solving what is essentially a matter for the Iraquis.