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Des Menschen Seele

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Oooops! I said 'hard not to disagree with previous comments.' I of course meant hard not to agree. In any case everything I said was meant warmly.
I guess in some ways it's hard not to disagree with some of the previous comments. But I think you show some real flashes of meter and line. Sometimes the formal demands of a poem can help filter thoghts to a degree whereby 'imagery' can put a clearer picture in front of your reader. Imagery simply doesn't happen here. Unless I wish to imagine what the writer looks like while being so angry. And that ain't gonna do it! ease up. You have some potential in there. I find it interesting that your poem feel like free verse yet it has some formal structure. Read Bukowski (although I would be surprised if you haven't) and if you have, take some time with his imagery. I think it accounts for his sometimes very spare line. Anyway, Good Luck.
After you, Celine. Even though the saying doesn't apply. H
why dont you 2 people find urselves a nice pamphlet where you can have your poems published and leave this site alone?
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