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Amherst Spring Day

Spring whispers float
Upon a faint delicate breeze
Carrying with it the scent
Of Lavender through Oak tree's

The bay window 'tis open a wee crack
Enough for gentle noises
Of Spring
To echo back

I hear the rat-a-tat of the squirrel
Munching upon his pecan
And the scissor tail bird talking
Welcoming in the new dawn

The Mockingbird's melody
Carrying it's own sweet tune
Such a brillant showcase of
The Springtime at high noon

The flowers and their buds are nimble
And tall
Just waiting to showcase themselves
Since mere bulbs
Last fall

Ah and the town of Amherst
Seems a wee bit heaven sent
For all the enchanting signs
Perhaps our savior's intent

As the eve progresses
And the sky up above shows
Diamonds as it glows
Ah 'tis God's presence
It simply just overflows

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Comments (2)

So very pleasant! The bay window barely opened letting nature enter with all of its intoxicating wonder. You write very well my friend.
This poem even 'smells' and 'feels' sweet...'The scent of lavender breezing through the Oak trees'. SO SWEET! And I can even 'visualize' it when I close my eyes. It teases all the senses....a nice feeling, for sure, when you're currently sitting in still-frozen Canada. :)