Soft Landing

A little bird flying down from the sky, gliding lightly
over the grass, hundreds of leaves lying on the ground,
brown and crackling dry.

This little bird comes down softly for a landing, standing
still, blending in with the leaves for a few seconds as it

Landing perfectly still, then moving a fraction of an inch
it comes into full view again.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (29)

.....a lovely scene with beautiful imagery...
The moon, the shadow Both true friends are When there be none to toast In times when happiness is far.....
The most brilliant poems I have ever read and it is so refreshing, it brakes all stereotypes, I am humbled beyond words and expression. A man from the orient could write with such sensitivity and such depth, marvellous. Starting with the flowers and then connecting with a jug of wine, leaping to ones shadow as an Independant being and then the moon as a participant, so fresh thinking, so wild, so magnetic, it is ancient in its roots and so modern in its feel, like a young woman, dressed to reveal and yet her eyes conceal.
Midnight wine- moon shadows dancing tai chi with my wife
I like this poem. It brings me to places where I am alone. Sometimes I drink wine alone, and I enjoyed more when my companions talk on diverse things going to nothing. This is a poem of all times.
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