Amidst The Grass (Sonnet 23)

Amidst the grass beneath the misty sky,
A teardrop falls like fire in heaven's hell;
For soon a great great love shall ever die,
As when a church indicts it's last, last bell.
My heart sans blithe seeing you standing there;
In abyss of despair, some words subside.
Your dewy feet inflict a hidden fear,
Behind the cliffs where ruffling waves collide.
From a distance, your voice still echoing,
Whispering like autumn breeze on sullen earth,
Till then the mist awaits a lark from singing,
The morning rain shall stop a heart from death,
But when you're gone in twilights empty hall,
'Tis time to kiss on winged clay of fall.

©️2018, Jez Brul, All Rights Reserved

by Jez C Brul

Comments (15)

You have real talent.
😅😂🤣 I thank you all who commented on this experimental sonnet 2 decades ago...I love to read the different reactions for this piece of writing which are both educational and entertaining...I love you all...❤️❤️❤️
(continued) .. i actually read the version with horizontal, not vertical, lines. but i MUST say, THOUGH I LIKE THE POET and maybe she can make this better now, i can NOT agree with the other comments, by and large. as to whether it IS or IS NOT a sonnet, i'll leave that for the 'experts' to decide. let me look at another from Jez. bri :)
(cont.) ...As when a church indicts it's last, last bell........indicts? ? ? ? are some church bells accused of wrongdoings? ? ? sans blithe? ? ? i'm befuddled. ......and it's or its? and twilights or twilight's? ? (cont.) ...
(cont.) ....J.A. Castaba? i had to lie down to read it and all the people near me in the library were staring at me! i like the alliteration heaven's, but i never heard of such a place. i know i may end up in, but i had no idea that there was one in (or owned by) Heaven. (cont.) ...
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