Distinguished and always a gentleman, Amitava, talking,
making me laugh, giving all kinds of interesting facts
about the history of India and other parts of the world.

Always joking around, at times crying for his wife,
Rakhee, a totally wonderful person inside and out, one
whom I love dearly and enjoy talking with on facebook
and Skype every day.

A very generous and genteel man, holding women in high
regard, having an unconditional love for me in spite
of my many faults and idiosyncrasies in life.

Ignoring them all, still loving me wholly, cherishing
my poet's heart with his, a love born beyond this earth,
divine in nature and omnipresent.

Feelings for each other are held closely by each of us
as we go separately, a world apart, yet of one heart and
mind always.

Living for each other, keeping us going through the hard-
ships and turmoil of this life, even though never having
met one another.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (2)

A beautiful poem on Amitava whom i usually address as Dada (elder brother) . Amitava is another name of Lord Buddha. Thanks for great tribute. Regards.
A very special tribute to a valued friend. Thanks for sharing!