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More than fights I hate the silence
It's getting so damn loud.
I cant hear and I cant breathe whenever you're around

I drown in the suspence
You take your shots at me
Im blind in all of this.

There's nothing I can see
Except the darkness of a tunnel
Leading to my misery.

Tripped and crashed down on the floor
I swore I'd never let you near me.
You broke my heart once more.

It's like you never hear me.
I swore I wouldnt let you hurt me again.
That I'd never let you see me.

Grieving my state of mind, I grip my bedroom floor
My dry eyes crack; drained of their tears
My brain's splitting in two for sure.

I dont want to think...
I want to lose my mind,
Wipe away the love I have... For it has made me blind.

You know how much I cared
But planned on leaving me here to rot...
Thought I wouldnt find out... You thought you'd never get caught!

It's a cruel world.. and Im consumed by your scorn
Sometimes I want out
Cuz I cant take it anymore

You confessed its not my fault
So why should I suffer more...
For someone who doesnt care?
Who was never there?
Who decided to let me go...?
But worst of all he made sure...
That I'd be the last to know...

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