Among The Clouds

Once among the clouds
i did walk
with a golden heart

Never touched by man
Till one day from the
clouds i fell,

Landing in the arms
of a man
He filled my heart
with feelings

I had never known
Spoke of dreams
an love ment
to be.

Promised me the
moon if i gave
my heart to

He had never
touched a heart
like mine.

Golden and true an
never touched by

Years have past and
i recall when i, walked
among the clouds

With a golden heart
untouched by any

But now i wish I'd
never falling from
the clouds

And landed in the
arms of man.
For now my heart
is full of saddness

Oh how i wish i
could go back and
walk among the

Written by,
Copyright Jackie Kirby 12/25/04

by Jackie Kirby

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