Among The Flags

In Doric Hall, Massachussetts State House

Dear witnesses, all-luminous, eloquent,
Stacked thickly on the tessellated floor!
The soldier-blood stirs in me, as of yore
In sire and grandsire who to battle went:
I seem to know the shaded valley tent,
The armed and bearded men, the thrill of war,
Horses that prance to hear the cannon roar,
Shrill bugle-calls, and camp-fire merriment.

And as fair symbols of heroic things,
Not void of tears mine eyes must e'en behold
These banners lovelier as the deeper marred:
A panegyric never writ for kings
On every tarnished staff and tattered fold;
And by them, tranquil spirits standing guard.

by Louise Imogen Guiney

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Comments (4)

Symbols of heroic things. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A beautifully crafted war heroics and it's sentiments. A well deserved classic indeed.
Although I don't appreciate the pro war sentiment expressed in this particular poem, I concede that it is exceedingly well written with poignant imagery evident throughout.
''And as fair symbols of heroic things, not void of years of mine eyes mustee 'en behold'. Beautifully crafter piece.