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Among The Mongers

the scaremonger cries
the end it is nigh
brings a sense of anxiety
if you cut down the trees
makes it harder to breathe,
the caps they will melt
the seas they will rise
all protocols won’t save our souls
just gives more room for the fish in the ocean

The fishmonger smells
the wares that he sells
no time to cry
for those that have died
been hooked by the lines
snap frozen in time
eaten ten times
through the food chains that haul
the nets come on board,
by the steel ropes of wire
cold drawn from the fire

the iron monger makes all the knives
that cut through the skin and the flesh we desire
only works now till noon
its all automated
the push of a button
the plough shears are made
into blades for close shavers
for smooth bottom lines
bellows aloud in awe from the mines

the gold monger can’t fill
the cavities still
with glittering prizes
of parents that sigh
their babies have flown
the laughter’s subsided
the houses now echo with silence,
clasp the cross to their chests
pray for the best
their children gone out to the world

the war monger scores
the right to sell war
got missiles that fly
all by themselves
stored on the shelves
till profits go higher
an eye for an eye makes the world blind,
gets a good cut
but never bleeds
if you take up the sword
you should bend at the knees,

The scandal monger digs for the dirt
mines the detritus
where the story comes first
between the cease fires
he never gets burnt
the well never runs dry,
its filled with white lies
theyre almost the truth,
the burden of proof
lies in the broadsheets
and the beds of the youth

the wordmonger composeses
the songs and the eulogies
draws the first note
from the last breath they breathe
covers their bodies
and lives in few sentences
judged by their deeds
and all their repentances
in a song of remembrance
or a tall monument
by the weight of the stone
and the size of the font

among the mongers
lies a hunger
a mouth to feed
a priority
if theres someone to buy
theres someone to sell
something to trade
tis the way of the world

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