One Too Many Times

One too many lies
That I've heard from you
Stop tryn to cover up
What you knw aint true
Just say it's done with
Instead of wasting our time
There's nothin left
But our good-byes
What use to be
Is no longer there
Stop lyin
To your self
It's over
I'm done with the lies
One Too Many Times
One Too Many Lies
That I've heard from you.....

by Solibella gonzalez

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Very beautiful poem, full of emotions and passionately penned in a flowing language. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
Actually I just referred to my Poetry Handbook, Anabel Lee, and this poem likewise, are written in ANAPEST meter, which is two lightly stressed syllables followed by a heavily stressed syllable. I'll have to read this poem closely to see if it follows this pattern throughout. 'Of a cool sweet place, of a nestling face seems to break the pattern. Those seem to end in three heavy stresses. I'm an expert not, so correct me if I'm wrong. Knowing this just make reading it aloud all the more fun!
What reminded you of Annabel Lee is the iambic pattern, which is one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. This may be close to an iambic pentameter, which is 5 sets of unstressed and stressed syllables. Annabel Lee also follows an iambic pentameter pattern, which is why the poem appears to flow and roll off of the tongue like a song or a child's lullaby. Look up iambic pentameter and then read the poem aloud, and notice the wave-like pattern you hear, of crests and troughs, hills and valleys, in the tone of your voice.
A beautifully crafted piece of work.
Something about this poem reminded me of Poe's Annabel Lee. Beautifully written
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