BCF ((May 13th,1988- / New York)

Amorous Commodity Excerpt

'......what if everything was backwards
vibe with me for a second..
what if Lucifer was a human and God a misconception
now i believe in God but also believe in deception
dont get me wrong God is involved in all that i mention
she walks with me in this session....criticism rests in trenches
a defense mechanism for the uninventive
let my creative sides collide for a few seconds
a thought before lost, now recollectd
what if pain was really joy
an orgasm of emotional freedom
too much to bear for the weak so they became powerful enough to fool the rest
enslave us within the only emotion we don't always have the power to conjure up
happyness is a drug for those who must feel comfort
oppressing those who bleed smiles
agreed when undesireables interact with razor blades it is never a good thing
but what about the narcissist who just loves his/her inter-beauty equally to his/her exterior?
im just sayin......
what if the misfits and rebels were stuck playing into the wrong games
given the wrong names
vibe with me for a second...
let these words read aloud uncloud apprehension
bring about mental reflection..
even the righteous ones are frequent sinners
eat your dinner and discuss your flaws
under your draws you hide your innocence
yet you've given it to the ignorant
fine then,
just vibe....
dance your iris' into a trance
disrespect your mother's land
pray to God with closed hands
while on your knees your eyes at ease
I snuck in a secret handshake
a disguised divine mandate
given the gift of manstate
doublethought & chancetake
evolutionist do not mock your ancestors, Stand Straight!
hate your lover as Damien makes land shake
and you deny Her
call me a liar
soon your designer pants will be on fire
as envy sets the world ablaze
uncurl, be brave!
the fetal position is unacceptable
unless sexual....(Behave)
Do you think ultimate disdain will allow you its name
as your child plays safely in the sandbox
a girl his/her same age is getting raped in the sand
never given a chance to advance... barely even to pass go...sold for $200 into this World Monopoly
how dare you risk stopping greed when you have all you need
said the master to the slave
politician to the activist
just let the lashes hit
give the ashes flicks
watch the world destroy itself
One day at a time....'

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