JF (October 11,1990 / Miami, Florida)


A mist of joy surrounds the area,
all those caught inside endure the most precious gift,
the one of having the most treasured emotion;
and having the one they truly love.

Trying to be around them all the time,
showing them what real passion is,
cuddling and kissing them all the time.
Showing them a universe of affection.

As we paddle our way through the ocean of romance,
each time being more tender in action,
entering the cave under the great waterfall of bliss.
As the falling water fills our dreams with happiness.

As I hold your hands and you hold mine,
times seems to freeze all around us endlessly,
just as my love for you is infinite in this world.
A domain where everything is possible for us.

Where both our souls dance as one,
and vanish in a peaceful light from above,
where your figure in my blinded vision,
seems to hold my heart with such tender care.

As my heart beats at its regular pace,
the only sound which I joyfully hear,
the song of your absolute love for one another.
One which will only die when I pass away.

Yet that day seems far far away,
as my ever growing love for you continues,
and the light which is radiated by it shines,
overwhelming all evil and darkness.

Showing that over everything I continue to love you,
while I stroll with you in this field of daisies,
picking a few to give as a gorgeous gift.
Turning to hold you in my arms ever so gently.

As your head is pressed against my chest slightly,
you hearing the song which I have dedicated to you,
the song of our eternal and perpetuous love,
one which will last a life time.

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Comments (3)

the first stanza put me in on a surf board. alone with the tidal wave. alone with the memories being made. alone amongst a sea of living....but fulfilled. a great poem...kinda inspired me.
oh javier. u have captured the true essence on how i feel about you as well. its a wonderful poem, full of thoughts and feelings. its amazing. <333
going under my favs... you just keep suprising me. x3, mill