it’s not a cryptic language

that creates a barrier

nor a missive in communication

perhaps the wave-length of the mind

fails to comprehend the connotation

of the written words

may be the age that fails

to decipher the feelings of the heart

the shyness that fails to

bring the words into your lips

though the heart guards

a different secret altogether

your eyes depict a rosy picture

of the future though the present

seems to be disillusioned

in the process the invaluable

youth is lost forever…


by Rajkumar Mukherjee

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yes; youth gets lost in the grinds of life...but mind kept as fresh as ever would compensate for the loss...good write, Rajkumar...you tell a sad truth there...and you tell it soft...10
Amour, love, amor, lanmou....this is simply beautiful. Love is 'not a cryptic language', it is a language that is so simple, that it became cryptically complex.
age to decipher the feelings of the heart-- I think age is not a barrier for love lovely poem in cryptic language yes cryptic beautiful! ! ! -10 anjali
Rajkumarda, I found the poem....cryptic! ! ! You want to say a lot, but in a mysterious way. It does invite curiousty...a certain mystique. Keep on.... Cheers. Subroto
i like this poem very much.in the process of not living with zeal and fervour for number of reasons the youth is lost forever.such lovely expression!
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