You're So Precious To Me

You're so beautiful to me,
Like awakening to the first rays of light at dawn,
To a radiant picture perfectly drawn.

You're so precious to me,
Like a million wishes from flower petals strewn,
Plucked after your gaze fixed me into a swoon.

You're so cherished by me,
Like hearing my favourite song,
Lulling me to serenely sing along.

You're so treasured to me,
As the deep depths of a recurring dream,
At the centre of which you gleam.

You're so adored by me,
Like the cusp of the first fervent kiss,
And the ensuing enchanting bliss.

You're so prized to me,
Like festivities on the best days of our lives,
At the end of the journey when love arrives.

by Alexander Thomas

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I love it....... nice read
Sounds like Hagar's distressful counsel to Ishmael.