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That Foot (For My Baba)
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

That Foot (For My Baba)

Poem By Nandini Sahu

You were a skyscraper
But when I kissed you
I wasn't afraid of heights.
You were the only plane,
floating around my yellow sky.
When I was hugging you I wasn't
afraid of falling.
I once found a missing star,
orbiting around your iris.
I wasn't afraid of the empty
space between our eyes.
staring at my own limitations.
You produced life giving fruits, but
that very month I was into
red meat.
You didn't break my heart.
instead you woke me up
and showed that true love is nothing
but a science fiction
where the actual reason for
loving is for women to flaunt.
well my character didn't even
make it to the first scene!
I saw thousand sunsets
Cascading pores of your brown skin.
But you saw no Flowers in me.

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