This delicate, sweet rose seems to fade more & more each day;

As her love ceases...she drops another petal along the thorny way,

Left like dust...just to blow in the harsh wind,

Feeling cast's such a sin,

Dew drops form on petals, as tears do fall,

Each day she feels oh! so small,

The warmth of the sun no longer shines upon her fair;

As she's trying to survive, but is left instead gasping for air,

It feels as if she'll just wilt away... all alone,

Left quite invisible... crushed without love or home.

June 9/10

by Jean Dament

Comments (6)

The ability to weep.. the strongest man too once he weeps thus his sorrow.. with calm and resolution restored can get back to his mundane chores.. lovely write.. thanks for sharing
'They can't stop him'. Nice work.
God bless Les Murray for his contribution to humanity!
A moment of transcendence, the grace and dignity of weeping, a gift for those who will listen and receive, beauty through the veil.
Nodoubt, Its a very fantastic poem. Its my all time favourite! Its so simple, ordinary, yet so profound. Long live Le murray, my sweetest poet. Love M. R. Bhagavathi Bangalore India
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