An Abstruse Nature

Poem By Severyn Polakiewicz

Walking through the forest

With crackling of pulpous twigs

My conscience no longer dictates

My soles have no path.

The breeze flows with composure

Rustling the above canopy

It sweeps through my hair

Telling my shoes where to go.

The trickling of a stream

The sound of which grows louder with each step

Becomes my focus

A magnetic attraction of my inner compass.

The path heavily overgrown

No foot ever pass but of the paw

I encounter my destination

A hidden waterfall pouring into a cove.

I sit in Nature's chair-

A curved mineral of some sort

Admiring my newly found discovery

Basking in its glory.

Soon the sun set in the crest

I said farewell to my friend

Knowing I would never find it once more

I looked back until overgrowth enclosed the fall.

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