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An Acceptable Way Of Life
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

An Acceptable Way Of Life

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Even though there are thieves and deceivers,
And everything imagined corruptable and crooked...
In these days now lived and...worshipped!
To be exposed as they are amongst us.
It is in the pomp and circumstance of the doing,
That treats those delighted...
Who have found they have become addicted.
To allow a wickedness to thrive.

And those opposed against what is now valued,
Are regarded as traitors to an acceptable way of life.
Becoming the ones now accused,
To making drastic changes,
With a restoring of those lost values.

Attempts to correct those wrongs have been protested.
Exposing them for what they are has people outraged
How can anyone eliminated those wrongs uplifted.
To make again those things remembered,
That once had been great and lived as right.
'We will fight to protect our interests that are valued.
We will fight to spread the decadence,
We so love and praise.'

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