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An Acceptance Of Reality
( / Connecticut)

An Acceptance Of Reality

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Why some believe the aging process can be ignored,
If they choose not to accept it by delusions kept...
Is perhaps the reason why,
Few adults perceive they should be held accountable...
To be responsible for the futures they leave,
For those who are much younger...
Fighting for space on a dance floor shared,
With those who have aged wishing to prove 'and' dare...
They can do what the children do and nothing more,
But show with moves and attitude...
A lack of discipline and having no respect,
As an aspiration with an intiative to invest.
Instead of expectations they can look forward to get,
From those who refuse to grow up and lead...
But can follow everyone else to accuse when they please,
By disregarding an authority of values.
And the ones mature enough to stop and connect the dots,
To do what it takes to strengthen foundations.
If those who did not oppose to prevent their doing...
Could comprehend when the rhythm ends to begin,
An acceptance of reality that sacrifices temptations to drop...
An appreciation for life could start an enhancement of it.

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