An Ache To Bear

You ache but not beat
You remain calm but don’t heat
You will definitely find
Cool partner and very kind

Your hart if full of feeling
You want to go along and willing
Wish to surrender and obey
Inner call and silently pray

God, take me to safety
I trust you O, almighty
Bless us always and have some pity
I consider it as holy bond and not treaty

Shall I take it as first good sign?
Leave all the worries and resign
Come to bow and totally surrender
Be my true savior and path finder

Your eyes are so powerful and bear
Shine of universe but still in tears
What does it show to me as disciple?
I respect all holy books including Bible

I trust each and every word
Golden and beautiful from lords
Help me o, lord to take me forward
Put me in place where I needn’t look backward

I find total love in every object
How can I be insensitive and reject?
I have no reason to suspect the subject?
I wish to have special eye to make the contact

I love to live with higher aim
Look down with humbleness and never claim
It is you who will take me to shore
No ill feeling and hatred I abhor

I used to think about future
I was totally in dark and unsure
It may click at destined hour
I was happy and never felt sour

Come and shine my heart with divine light
Let it see through vision a clear sight
Ability to judge what is wrong and right
Always trust for love and no fight

Will I ever go down in life as inhuman?
Will be known as shame as woman or man?
Will it be construed as curse or shame?
Will I not have good name or fame?

What I do when find no solution in sight?
I sincerely wish for good and approach you right
You always fill me with courage and strength
I too take vow not to comprise and go to any length

Lord, lead me kindly to the light from dark
Let there be no ignition even from spark
Let whole world breathe in peace with harmony
There is no need to be blessed with wealth or money

I take this opportunity to confess in real
You offer the wounds but certainly heal
I may take it as blessings and good sign
I shall remain happy and feel it fine

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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