UP ( / India)

An Acknowledgement

An unnamed despair
Gnaws my insides.
Desolate and alone-

Unknowing, yet
Unceasing is the

A thick haze of
Self-piteous vapours
Fogs my consciousness;
And all I want
Is to seek
The darkest corner
Of Isolation.


Yet I must acknowledge
That when this ice cracks
And I shall be
Chilled to the bone
In pain,
I shall be glad.

At least then
I would feel
And, once again,

Be Human.

Usha,16 February, '08

by Usha Pisharody

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Nicely written Tks & Rgds Nooruddeen
Some experiences leave us numb and as you rightly said its important to feel at least the pain for then we are again human....a beautiful write. Thanks.