The Madness Of The Wish

It is a strangeness
A drunken wish
From a wine of thought
Washed deep in the mind
A write to be open
To be bare, naked
A wish to be a poet
To be alive
Through death always
Time is fleeting
But words remain
A wish to be a poet
Is a mad wish made

by Matthew Holloway

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(cont.) ...Where we need no perfume nor our dead noses.......nor or for? ? either way, it is not clear what you mean here. i guess the poem is not to be taken 'literally'! bri :) p.s. i read your responses to previous comments though i did not read all comments. if you wish to respond here to my comment, fine, but i probably won't see it unless you also send to me as a message.
first, i just left another comment in which i 'welcomed' you to PH. but NOW i've looked at your list of poems, with dates of submissions and find some going back to 2012, i think the year i started here! (cont.) ...
A beautiful poem. I have read and reread this poem and I can't help but feel there is a desire to escape something. Would I want to create a self-contained prison or an opportunity to develop to grow.
This poem moves forward by subtraction of things given and the purpose seems to be a radical reduction of possessions to reach a base level of only the absolutely necessary. Your poem this strikes as related to your comments about the prospective wedding and your rejection of material glitter others are forcing on you. Well, a poem comes from the heart so it verifies the sincerity of your desire to dress and act with simplicity and dignity. Both the poem and prose comment affirm your soulful nature which has a vision of a life lived without glitter and waste. You want to stand whole and pure on a modest piece of earth and know, This is the essential ME, nothing phoney added on, just truth of who I AM. I applaud that, Baharak, because you are putting your beliefs i-n a-c-t-i-o-n, these are not simply words on paper but deeds in the world. / But if you simply have to wear high heels and the glittery dress, because you don't want to spoil your brother and fiance's wedding day, just remember, you have that within which passes show (Hamlet) . Your inner integrity won't be damaged, it's firm and lasting. - it's the acre of land in your poem which is small but sufficient, not showy but genuine, and it nurtures the most beautiful flowers and most vital crops.
A brilliant and thought provoking poem is presented here. Getting a land with no boarder and with golden sky is fortune. Amazing drafting is shared here.10