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An Act To Re-Enact It
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

An Act To Re-Enact It

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Perhaps the conducting,
Of a business as usual to do.
Has these infectious diseasing days,
Raised priorities to heights...
That had been ignored,
To open eyes and closed doors...
On ignorance welcomed and enticed.
Invited to advertise it sold to market.
As a device to exclude truth and reality.

An overhaul of the usual,
Once overlooked to go dismissed.
Has been given an opportunity,
To listen and sit admitting...
Selfishness fed ultimately loses this benefit.
Perceiving to believe,
Feeding the needs of the elitist to please.
Does not leave those with less,
Feeling themselves blessed.

Business as usual to expect it to return.
Without a lesson to have learned.
While continuing not to comprehend,
Success depends on all the people participating.
On the greater good to rely upon them.
Everyone feeling appreciated.
Regardless of race or religious beliefs.

And until that begins to happen,
A business as usual to hope comes back...
Remains an unconscious attempt to restore,
An act to re-enact once to have had...
That no longer exists anymore.
Like a beating of a dead horse.
Reminiscing championships,
Years and decades it has won.
Under dire circumstances to overcome.
But the age and death of it,
Prevents to permit another one to witness!

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