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Poem By Hollie McDaniel

I am not surprised at all,
You find it difficult to understand.
Although you have been told,
Countless times...
A success to achieve requires listening.
Digesting what you hear,
To then connect that to comprehension.
But it takes keeping your mouth closed,
Without interrupting others...
Before they finish what is being said.
For some reason that method commonly used,
Is referred to as being effective communication.

'How dare you speak to me,
In such a rude, offensive and blunt manner?
Your approach I find disgusting.'

God is so good.
Finally you are beginning to listen.
With a comprehending how it is connected...
To an action to understand it clearly.
You should be proud of this moment in your life.
And as soon as you can I suggest,
Circle this date on your calendar.
And regard it as historic.

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