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An Advice To Filipino Writers (Couplets)
(November 17,1949 / Manila, Philippines)

An Advice To Filipino Writers (Couplets)

To your own self you must be true,
In whatever you write or do.

Know that the whole world watches
What Filipinos are, its evidences.

In writing, be your own master,
Never copy or steal poems of another.

Because we all display our character
Let's not bring our country shame here.

Original thought is quite easy
If we only take the time to study.

If we crave just fame, attention-
Our art is merely self-delusion.

Ego can play a distinct part
It controls our purpose for the art.

Strive well to master the craft
Writing mere words won't be enough.

Give respect to your fellow writers
Don't plagiarize some work, you must never.

For God gave us this gift of writing
Be responsible, be honest, inspiring.

To Him we will answer in due time
If we're faithful with our words or rhyme.

Cynthia Buhain-Baello ~~~~02/26/16

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This very well could be an advice for all the writers. Strive always to master the craft..... Thank you for sharing.