An After-Storm Scene(Haiku#9)

A huge old tree branch
Plucked down by the storm last night;
The wood cutter hailed.

by Jez C Brul

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I like! ! I enjoy haiku too jez. Compressed write such improves my regular poems.
Gee, i see now that not only did i read and leave a comment earlier this year, but i said i'd put it into a showcase; i HOPE I DID! ! ! bri (:
Hail is when chunks of ice fall from the sky. Also, to hail someone is to greet them or say good things about them...........was it a HAIL STORM? ? some will say Nature is the topic of Haikus. and i learned that Senryu has the same syllable and line count but is about people. BUT aren't people part of nature? another one from Jez for MyPoemList! ! ! bri (:
We always have this kind of scene in our tropical country. You painted superbly on the canvas of your beautiful poem.10+++××
It is very windy and rainy here in Kerala! So this is a common sight! The trees planted in a row on either side of the road have grown so big that they are a threat to the people and traffic. So the big branches are cut by the Corporation and Muncipality! A great Haiku!
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