An Ageing Teddy Bear

Upon the shelf sat my old Teddy Bear
looking quite sad and in need of repair.
He never had a name, I just called him Ted
him with one eye and no ears on his head.
When we were young and in our prime
we really did have a good time.
We would play at schools and I would teach
him to read, or we would go on a picnic and
have a good feed.
When it was time for bed I would sing him a song.
Then in the morning I would kiss him fo keeping
me warm all night long.
In my satchel he liked to be carried to school;
although it was forbidden we disobeyed the rule.
I kept old Ted out of sight, because one hundred
lines I would have to write.
Old Ted he had a great deal of pride
It never seemed to worry him when he started
losing his inside.
I gave him a pill because he looked so ill,
yet still he got thinner and thinner.
He sat on the shelve with his head drooped low
I just knew he had to go.
I placed him in a box and buried him deep
and all I could was weep.
Tears fell like rain from the sky and I always
ask myself why.
I loved old Ted my partner in crime, perhaps I will
meet him again SOMETIME.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (5)

As I love all Teddy Bears, this story made me cry. Very sad with having to part from them, they become almost human don't they. Loved this. Love Ernestine XXX
A beautiful memory. I too loved my ole bear, long gone but not forgotten. Patricia Gale
A beautiful connection to a treasure not lost for he is still in your heart and he has been given a new lease of life because he has touched us also, a wonderful poem, Love Duncan
This poem is a treasure, Sylvia. It belongs in a child's storybook. There is something very touching and lovely about it. Thank you for sharing. Love from your sister in spirit. Sandra
What a sweet poem (and tribute) to your Ted. I've never actually heard of anyone burying their teddy bear but, this is adorable. (Sad too though) :) Great job Sylvia! Sincerely, Mary