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How Jasmine Smiles

If you reach home by the evening
And if you find some dried pieces of bread
Soaked in olive oil
And the fuming coffee that melts the ice
Off your heart
And if the little one takes you
In the fresh morning of the other day
To show you how jasmine smiles in that freshness


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I've just read some of your work again G, and like the last time I found myself thinking: he keeps getting better, and yet, most of them are unchanged... meaning that I didn't fully appreciate just how good you were/are... Must come back more often... A genuine pleasure - just what poetry should be. jim
Wow Mr. Witt, whether a person is a believer or not, there is nothing left to be said. Very creatively written and it addresses both sides of a religious issue with insight and wisdom. Thank you so very much for sharing :)
An interesting summation to an excellent composition!
This is a very fine write - the morality of the voice in addressing each possible prayer subject and the frank determined statement of intent at the ending have give good guidance whether devout or not.
A refreshing paean to doubting introspection in a world of militant certainty. Best, Don
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