An Airplane Tragedy

It was on a hot sultry summer in Dubai
No soul had strength to stand the blistering summer
Jacket wrapped on the heavy shoulders
while sweat dripped from the tired drenched bodies.

It was 22nd May 2010 Saturday morning
Airport was filled with luggage and people
There was mirthful laugh and merry talks
echoing inside the huge airport hall.

It was their long holy festive season
They were Traders, Professionals, employees, workers
All traveling to their homeland India after years
It was their merry time when close ones met each other.

Rihanna and Abdul was one such couple
Stayed in Dubai leaving back their daughter Riza in India
Riza khan was a young sweet girl of four
was staying with her grandparents since her birth

Rihanna was filled with joy that could be seen in her gleaming eyes
Abdul holding a bag full of toys dreamt about his angel little daughter
Back in India the daughter and the grandma made the preparations
to welcome their loved ones with a huge lovely fete.

Rihanna and Abdul boarded the flight to Mangalore
Pushing themselves into the seats they fastened their belts
Closed their languid eyes and murmured their afternoon prayers
looked into each other's eyes with a beamish look

It was same with everyone on the board
Happiness on everyone’s face invigorated the air
Jovial, gay and mirthful were the tired boarders
longing to see their loved ones waiting for them

Air hostess came with a delicious and scrumptious snack
With the prayers the hungry passengers broke their fast
It was only two hours of journey to Mangalore now
The hearts of people were thumping with joy

The huge airplane was about to land at the Mangalore airport
It was hovering above the runway like craving eagles
Boarders watched out of their tiny windows
wishing their flight to land soon at the airport

Riza with her aged granddad was waiting at the airport
Holding a bunch of red beautiful roses to welcome her dear parents
Her eyes were shining with rejoice while she held on to her granddad’s wrist
Suddenly there was a blasting cracking noise that filled the airport

Ambulance and fire brigade rushed into the runway
People panicking and crying out their eyes off
Security controlling the angry distressful mob
Police and reporters streaming into the airport

The air was filled with smoke on the runway
The airplane had crashed falling down from the hill cliff
The small runway had no strength to hold the airplane
lugged with joyous, happy, hopeful passengers

Riza was still standing staring at the people crying aloud
Blaming God for taking their happiness away
Riza’s granddad sat on the marble floor
His weak hands were on his wrinkled forehead.

Riza was too young to understand
But she knew something was wrong
Red roses fell from her hands onto the floor
Panicky people stepped on the fagged out roses

Tears rolled down her rosy red cheeks
She shook her granddad hard with her tiny hands
Asked him where her parents were
Granddad looked upon the orphaned tiny kid.

He rubbed away the tears from Riza’s rosy cheeks
Held her closed to his wide chest
Kissed her tiny fair forehead
And said 'God calm her parent’s soul.'

by Susan (Mihika) Mishra

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