(January 01 / Earth?)

An Alpha

Signifies the wisdom gained
of and from an acknowledging question
made, from the essence of experienced knowledge
not the book taught, or self-taught, or un-thought leaking
out of any human beings non-brained and inbred mind!
Those without, more profound capacity or interest in
thoughts above "belles", and "balls"; pause and now
return, to the subject's point, wisdom is gained
from an essence within an experience; curious?
Why worry your daze with curiosity?
Why bother to breathe?
Seems too me, this is the
sway most humans roll to!
Content to remain as a pile of
buggered burgoo, incapacitated
innuendo, a terrible serving of two
day old warmed over menudo; that serving
of nothing, but tepid broth, and naked Bata'!
Say! What ever does this imply; coming from
any scientific and or empirical sense, or
non-sense; no pretense crowed, put
away those "Flying Toads"; you
each are fingering "My Way"!
An Alpha is… Justifiable
Homicide; is Mother's
apple pie; is big brother's
eye in the sky, is humanity's
demise through technology
loss of language, lack of
credibility, suffering
slovenliness and full
of disparaging eloquence
bitch-slapping you all full of
shyte, "Blind Mullets" each
ignorant of what it once truly
meant to be a human; being
humane, practicing its humanity
for all of the members of its
community; that wider one, the
whole of the species, without acting
out their dirty minded irrespective asps!
Think fast! Look out now! Beyond your
diminutive upturned noisy noses and
open your always closed to each
truth minds eye! An Alpha is
justified in all things; right am I?
Is the wisdom and the knowledge
is the essence within all presence.
You all will acknowledge this!
For surely this is, methinks!

by Michael Walkerjohn

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Experienced knowledge! Nice piece of work.