An Alternative Terror

War Tanks rolled over to
Jenin and its Refugee Camp
As battlefields in a minute
Clouds of black smokes belched
From the nozzle of the missiles
Turned the dwellings into debris
And lives breathe under rubble
Still desires of living
That will never be fulfilled
Sighing are heard in the air
Unseen ghosts are roaming freely
Searching their brotherhoods
Living or dead
Souls are still weeping bitterly
With sorrows that never end
In the war turned atmosphere
Flying high in the sky appeared
The hungry vultures that smell
Odors of rotten human flesh
As if the open graveyards
To wipe the terrors and even its ghosts
Out of the worldly atmosphere
Reassuring pure peace
In every people’s mind
Is’t the rebirth of terror
Or alternative terror?

by Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

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