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An Amazing Whisper

I know you whisper in love
I hear through chirping
As birds in mass fly I see
I understand secret laws.

I know you whisper daily
Force of Gravitation is one
I feel whisper of reaction
law of action is fantastic.

Very clever father you are
So nicely you have arranged
Hanging large planets in far
Space is decorated with stars.

An amazing whisper of love
Everyday I hear from dawn
Sitting in meditation I see
You only whisper to teach us.

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Comments (5)

An amazing whisper of love.......fantastic write.anjandev roy.
After reading this lovely poem we hear amazing whisper. God whispers to teach us. I find sweet essence in this poem.
A very amazing poem. Great
Love is all that we need to move life ahead. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice poem. Nicely worded...10