(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

An American Hero

Robert Portella is a cherished hero
Everyone certainly agrees
He is a New York firefighter
And takes his job very seriously

When the 911 tragedy took place
In New York City, USA
This man did what he could
There is so much about him to say

He put the public and duties first, you see
As the firefighters are known to do
They put their lives right on the line
They are fierce, loyal and true

The shock was felt across the world
And while most of us were in pain
So were these wonderful heroes
Some families won’t them see again

All of Yukon welcomed this hero
Enfolded him in their arms
And there was a little girl as well
With so much sensitivity and charm

The two came together one day
This little girl and this man
A hero he was truly declared
For the values on which he stands!

by Marilyn Lott

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A wonderful tribute to Robert Portella ! A hero for sure in my books! ! *10*! ! Thanks for sharing Marilyn! ! Best wishes, Friend Thad