(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' An Anabooboo! (For Helen)

She takes off
all her clothes

just for
the fun of it

every now & then I
catch a glimpse

of naked bum

as it runs not here
or there but helter skelter.

She who only
mastered the art of walking

not so long ago

now glorying
in her limbs.

'Hey Cherub! '
I call out to her

& she turns
& comes

not because she's

but understands the love
dripping form the words

an honeycomb
of language.

She tries to clothe
the nakedness of her


in a dress
of words.

She is surprised
to find

that her

doesn't stick
to the cat

and the cat
wanders amilessly off

discarding with disdain
her attempt

at naming him.

Soon the cat
will become its sound

(me! how?)

then finally
making it to being

(just like that) .

It's a long journey
into knowing.

I almost prefer
her almost Martian naming

her alien
way of seeing.

I curtly call the cat that
and even name the next cat that


and still can drive her

years later
in a future far from here

calling my teenage

to say her date
is here.

'Hey Anabooboo! '

& see a blushing

descending the stairs

lithe of limb

fully clothed!

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Sigh.... it's like a portal to the future! ! I love it and you're so right.... I love how the incorrect pronunciations are actually so endearing! And am sad when they no longer are part of the everyday vocabulary... HG: -) xx