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An Analysis
EM (7/20 / Brawley, CA)

An Analysis

Poem By Eli MorenoDrew

So once again I beg the question:
Am I happy?
There is nothing in the world
That I want more than being happy.
Almost as much as wanting you happy.

So please, rid me of my uncertainties
Liberate me of my troubled mind.
Tell me what you want and I swear
I will provide you with happiness.
And all I want is you love and trust.
Nothing more but you.

Then tell me what you think.
And I will listen
Not a single thought will go by deaf ears.

Because all my ears want to hear is your voice.
The sound that your there and happy.
And all my eyes want to see is you.
To see your beautiful and smile.
And all my mind needs to know is that your happy.
That I can make you laugh and bring you joy.

Because hearing, seeing, and knowing your happy
Is what lights up my world.

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