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An Ancient Artform
PO (1988 / St John's, NL)

An Ancient Artform

This is an ancient artform,
A relic almost sacred I told her
As I placed the huge black disc onto the platform.
I've never even seen one of these she confessed.

The needle found a track.
Every crack and pop echoed off the walls.
We were alone in the room.

Shake the wire til there's sound.
The sound of Billie Holliday's voice.
This is a great record to fall in love with I said.

She agreed with a kiss.

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Comments (4)

Nice work. Love poems aren't easy, and you've deftly managed to avoid the pitfalls here. This is a moment made clear and accurate, accessible to the reader, and well-made.
This is a wonder piece Pat and really I would have expected it from an older head. What is great about this is that it is begging the question of what is the artform; is it the playing of an lp? the act of seduction? or the end result. You have contained a wonderful mystery here and illustrated the value of titles as well as the works.
Pat your definitely one gifted guy, youll always amaze me, we have some deep chats, sweet poem. Mason
fine lines flowing one into the other memory leaping into impulse and that ultimate surprise of sweetness the kiss a fine poem