Lost And Cold

Should I be lost when far from home
No sign of help or mobile phone
The east wind blowing in my face
That chill my bones and leave a trace
Of cold and emptiness and more
Shifting leaves on the forest floor
Among the roots and earth and grit
No longer do I stand on it
As I succumb to nature raw
Without the sight of an exit door
I curl up, wrapped in the cold embrace
Of that chill east wind upon my face
And I'm far from home and all alone
Curled up and chilled to the bone

by Phil Soar

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Comments (5)

I know it's good because I think of it so often, the humanity, the concreteness of the stiff neck and the apron, and the length of the night suggested by the length of the sentence - it's pretty much perfect, and it's beautiful.
ahh....ahH...aHH... AHH CHOOOO! this is old and dusty. it made me sneeze.
.........very imaginative, truly original ★
I'm almost positive there is not a single person out there who's arms have never lofted to make this gesture! As she says, sometimes there's just nothing else you can do!
Your arms get tired, and the back of your neck gets tight, VERY GOOD,