The Girl I Love

The girl i love makes me feel something i haven't felt in my whole life,
the feelings i get makes my heart explode my head is in overload,
the last time i saw you i knew were the one,
you girl are my number 1.

by bruce prosser

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I know it's good because I think of it so often, the humanity, the concreteness of the stiff neck and the apron, and the length of the night suggested by the length of the sentence - it's pretty much perfect, and it's beautiful.
ahh....ahH...aHH... AHH CHOOOO! this is old and dusty. it made me sneeze.
.........very imaginative, truly original ★
I'm almost positive there is not a single person out there who's arms have never lofted to make this gesture! As she says, sometimes there's just nothing else you can do!
Your arms get tired, and the back of your neck gets tight, VERY GOOD,