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! An Ancient Japanese Saying
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! An Ancient Japanese Saying

Persons in cities
driving 4x4s
should smile a lot
but not bow

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I just stumbled across this poem and find it absolutely delightful. Your mind works in strange twists and turns. Raynette
Now Janice.. feeling better? Just take it easy, word. by. word... these Nips can be devilish subtle with their Pearls... the original, by the wise old philosopher-poet, Da-Tsun To Yo-Ta (humble apologies, Master, for uncouth translation) is a masterpiece of literary compression and a model of social responsibility. The Master is explaining that the tradition custom always to bow low, lower, lowest, to one's superiors may be unwise when driving big Japanese off-road in vicinity of company car-park; the Way may be endangered...Janice ? ...Janice...? She's dozed off again....
'Cause they don't have too? Rusty
Why? what am I missing. I bet its profound and I'm just half asleep this morning. Hugs Jan