Stain Boy

Of all the super heroes,
the strangest one by far,
doesn't have a special power,
or drive a fancy car.

next to Superman and batman, I guess he must seem tame.
But to me he is quite special,
and Stain Boy is his name.

He can't fly around tall buildings,
or outrun a speeding train,
the only talent he seems to have
is to leave a nasty stain.

Sometimes I know it bothers him,
that he can't run or swim or fly,
and because of this one ability,
his dry cleaning bill is sky-high.

by Timothy Walter Burton

Comments (4)

What? I can't rate this beautifully written piece? It is also sad. An easy ten here. Anyone who hits a woman, girl, or even child, should be horse whipped. God bless all poets-MJG.
Beautifully written and elegantly told. The story of wrong, right, and things beyond our control. A 10 from me. -Storm
This poem is amazing, its one of the few ive read that can tell such a terrible story in a beautiful way. You just captured so much meaning and a truly heart wrenching story, Well Done! x-x-x
I love poetry that tells a story. Especially where it's like I can see what's going on. Hense why I loved this one! Great work, the beat and words were perfect! : -)