An Angel

Poem By Aaron Richard

She moves like the breeze,
Sways to the music of the bees,
She's my shade in the sun,
My breath of air in the morn.

So pretty a face,
Such angelic grace,
I have seen this only in my dreams,
But when I wake up, everything is back to the way it seems.

Oh, whenever she starts to speak,
Feels like there is nothing left for me to seek,
By the brooks she would stand,
She would gaze into my eyes and hold my hand.

Wish I could stay that way forever,
In the autumn, in the spring,
In the sun, in the wind,
By the meadows in the twilight.
I wish...............

Comments about An Angel

dude...i think dis is a kinda poem dat wld make a gal fall in luv wid u.....dis is lyk superb....extent...maximum nd awesum poem i've ever seen........
this is marvelous.! .
A poem filled with passion and substance! A 10.

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