An Angel Came

Poem By Willie Walker

Little Baby, Little Toy,
Daddy's Darling, Momma's Joy.

Sleeping Quietly, Angel Eyes,
Never Laughing, Never Cries.

Precious Infant, Tiny Soul.
Oh! So New, Oh! So Cold.

Kiss My Darling, Kiss My Child,
Let Me Hold You, See You Smile,

Someday Dearest, Someday Love,
I'll Hold You Tightly, In Heaven Above.

Comments about An Angel Came

Pure love from the depths of sorrow! Nothing more expansive than this Master of word and feeling!
Oh Willie this is soooo sweet and so soothing, the combination in two lines complete in dearest meaning such a lovely write! ! ! so precious! _Unwritten Soul

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The setting sun in the winter skies
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Night Terrors

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Grandpa was apt to play when Grandma was away.
She went to Florida with her siblings for to stay.
Grandpa shined his boots and donned a new white shirt.
He slicked down his hair and made sure his hat was square.