I Need Some Food

I am in need of some food
After taking something
I will listen your love story.
I am in need of some food
After taking something
I will dance I will sing
O sun O moon O star O bird
For a moment stay there.
I am in need of some food
Food is the bare truth
If anythig is to love
Love food
Love is necessary for life
Food is necessary for
Life's maintenance.
I am in need of some food
Without food I can not
Do anything
There is no magic no power
Only there is hunger
Give me some food my dear
I love you then only
I can utter.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (3)

Terry, great poem. Terrific structure and expression, a wonderful reworking of the hero and the bully tale. The inclusion of the counterpoint of an angel (and possible demon/devil) in the bully, waging that eternal war -of balance of good and evil, added a deeper subtext to a scenario that could stand on its own, but was made richer by the inclusion. Funny and clever, the ending reminded me of those tough irish priests that preached god's message with the bible in one hand and a good right (or left) hook waiting in the other. cheers, Terry Manns
eh whit man, yer poems pure shite by the way, compaired tae William Wordsworth oanyways. ken whit a mean like? aye man, so get it up ye, ya dober! ! pure mental, stinkin quality man, heh heh heh. *laughs like a non educated delinquent*
I really like this poem