Birds Of The Same Feather

Birds of the same feather
Birds of the same feather flock together
And beautifully rock together

But, I am a bird of all feathers,
not limiting to any one particular feather

I flock with all folks
Of all colors, of all walks,

I belong to all parties, all groups, all religions, all gurus
Never stuck or stay sitting in any of the grooves,

Staying unmoved in any weather
Yet Moving all ever hither and thither

Taking the best of all
making the most of any mall

water is in all the pots
no single pot can hold the total ocean

‘‘All are in me

i am not in them’’

by rishi vasanth

Comments (1)

Astonished! It just meant to seem What if it would be REALITY? ? ? and wouldn't be a dream? ? ? Contrast between dream and reality..... nightmare. experience, fear, surprise, dream so many points.... in this poem love to read you always. tony