An Angel On The Street

My eyes on a gorgeous goddess
transfixed, transfigured, I couldn't turn nor twist
by the chants and charm of her hairs and eyes
her eyes like emerald, brighter than Liberian diamonds
her hairs more luminous than summer sky
both entwined set her aglow and
perform a dance-drama of rain torrents
bouncy, bounteous with blush abandon
edifying her build and defying beauty bureau
I'd thought her a mere goddess
till her voice stuck my drums
locked in velvety fibres, creamy and creaseless
it appeals and appears stronger
than all I have heard ever
it sends cold chill than down my spine
and tuned most melodious music in my mind
then it dawned; her life is a sacred groove
only the called and initiated shall walk
and her space, a haven
for the heart; pure and unworldly.

by ifedayo oshin

Comments (2)

This poem holds the very description of my African dream girl that I hope to finally meet one fine day yet in person... thanks for this enchanting portrait, though fictive it may be.
excellent, rhythm, description...tone, feeling. i could picture her & the space she took. keep them coming! luv, sus