VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

An Angels Crossing

Tread upon the soils, of mans unspoilt future
Wondering unto a curiosity, of a new picture
A frame work, of mankind that attracts the meek
Scared to be regarded of anything less, than a freak

But wings that took them, to the unspoken skies
Given strength and courage away, from untold lies
Still fathom a thought to walk amongst people, again
A hunger is tested, for the pull of enduring, human pain

For always, they maybe there to sit with us unseen
Protector, illuminator of thought, sincerity supreme
Every mortal tear is caught, when in an instance, of faith

Naked and maybe vulnerable, as one stands amongst men
Awaiting, for the first sense of human love and cruel omen
A nervous sensation, unfamiliar in the once confident mind
Shelter, protection and yet the heart is what’s left to find

Blessed for the soul, that attracted the Angel, to love her
An innocence, is born, within the arms of conceptual lover
Lead this unto a new world, so unexplored when knowing all
Unlimited is their love, though the mercy of time, is their call

Touched in places the human heart, has never understood
Exploration of this Angel and for his insight, everywhere he could
For he witnessed her every tear and, held her heart unknowingly
Even when in fear of the inevitable death, deferred so lovingly

A child born of an Angel, carrying this blood to tomorrow’s year
Hatred, war, cruelty, the failures of man that this child need not fear
Held in the arms of the Angel, a father of immortal wisdom and charity
Would bestow his kindness, upon a baby child with gentle felt clarity

Forlorn to the time, that came to his aging and claiming of his soul
Spread his swings again, this time, to carry the spirit of her whole
Above this skyline looking down, for the world is touched within
The feeling of the gentle child, now grows to love and never sin

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