An Another Falujjah

To obliterate the fires of terror
rekindled after the war in the deserts,
The buildings and the palaces
destroyed by the nozzles of the guns
sunk into the shimmering sands
with its bases totally warped
like the shadow of the lively Falujjah
in the mutely flowing Tigris river.
Under the desert is another Falujjah.

The mirror images of
the buildings and the palaces has
no doors, but accessed to go in and out,
no windows, but well ventilated.
Very people can effortlessly saunter
on the ceilings and the walls
of the houses, the palaces.
Very people stride in the roads,
like the cold and speedy current
hiding under the glacier,
Its boundaries disperse
Across Mosul, from countries to countries
like the reptile meanders its zigzag way
just beneath a layer of the sands.

Sparkling bullets of guns left
the bodies headless, crippled,
the ghosts and the wounded.
They turned into human by magic
with their heads and limbs
recovered as before,
wounds completely cured,
breathing again and living the human,
strong enough than before
in another Falujjah.

Very people over this shadow city
under the desert, screamed jehad
in one voice and in one breath
that resonated all over the world.
Keep ears on the sands of Falujah
and listen to -
“Allah ho Akbar, Allah ho Akbar”

December 20th 2004

by Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

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