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I shall go to the top of a mountain to speak with the Lord from above.
I heard His voice when He called to me souls were made by God's love.
God sent down his son as our Savior our souls from sin to save.
Christ came to this world from Heaven, for our sin His blood was gave.
I shall go up that mountain alone for the saving of my soul I shall pray.
Raise my eyes to the Savior, for guidance in words He will say.
The word of His Father in Heaven rings out so loud and clear,
man's ears by sin so deaf, god's Word they will not hear.
The work of God's hand shines so bright for all men to see.
Man's eyes so dim remain, God's work they will not see.
When He calls some men answer, deafness will go from their ears,
Scabs of sin fall from their eyes, they'll be opened wide and clear.
God's Word promises the faithful
Eternal Life up there on high,
those who answer, will have that faith, will rise to meet Him on high.

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