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An Ant's Funeral

Leaving behind his all relatives,
Pending his many incomplete works,
During journey for new food search,
An ant has died in the road taken,
Seeing the cadaver of ant lying,
Many of his followers and supporters,
Many of his relatives and strangers
All have gathered around to check,
They have started praying for peace.

They have done bath of cadaver
In the sweet milk given by an insect,
Putting the leaf powder over it,
They have put dead body in coffin,
Keeping it in chariot of straw,
Few ants together have started pulling.
Many ants of community are running behind.

Seeing this sorrowful funeral journey,
Queen ant is crying in agony and separation,
Thrashing her head on a sand particle,
Queen ant is crying tearing her chest,
Tear is tearing the silence of forest,
Tears no one can measure in silence behind,
Many ants have joined in this funeral!
Undefeated truth, the death has declared!

© Kumarmani Mahakul,16 January 2019. All rights reserved.

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I have seen ants carrying the dead body of fellow ants and moving in silence as if in a solemn funeral procession! They never leave the body discarded! What ever be the engagement at the time, they will stop every other activity and pay respects to the dead fellow ant by carrying it. You have added a pinch of imagination to what you have keenly observed.
Observing ant's community you have presented true essence. This creation is very amazing. Sorrowful funeral journey provokes thought. But truth no one can break. Death comes for all creatures.
Amazing observation, amazing imagination.....and wonderful title...indeed a great write...10+++++
Great observation, be it humans or any creature, death is inevitable and this loss is unbearable for few minutes, hours and days and then life moves on........10
Tear is tearing the silence, great write, undefeated