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An Apology To Mother
EK (29-09-1996 / Imo State.)

An Apology To Mother

For the killing of her naked children

Mother demands apology

The destruction and starvation of her posterity
The slavery in 1562

She demands apology

The hardship metted out on her children
The carnage committed by them
For the desolation, desecration, mutilation on her land
Defaulting of her principles

Mother demands apology

The deflowering and rape of properties
Stealing and selling of possession
All belonging to her

She demands apology

On the confrontation of her tradition
Blasphemy, inculcation of disunity and discrimination
Exploitation, dethronement, sacrilege, calumny

Mother demands apology

The wounds fresh on her body
Her body bleeding for the bully
Her cry flowing like a river
The river forming and expanding
Waiting for a day of explosion

Now! Mother is on a mission
The mission a retaliation
The retaliation a destruction
Destruction for desecration
Desecration of her tradition

I saw the revelation
The revelation like a vision
Vision with provision
Provision a signification
Signification of restoration
Restoration of her trampled dignity
Dignity her identity
Identity, conformity to her integrity

Apology! Apology! Apology!
Mother demands apology.


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